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An innovative, no download-required video conferencing app that can be used on any internet connected smartphone, tablet or PC with an up-to-date web browser.

passel, easy , secure video conference

What sets us apart

Learn what separates us from the rest.

get passel , all in one virtual Telehealth platform

All-in-one Virtual Telehealth Platform

Crystal clear HD-video, built-in note taking, payment processing, integration with labs, scripts, PDMP, and EHR (CSV export) integration makes Passel a must have tool for any clinician or therapist.

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Security and Compliance

Achieve the highest levels of security and HIPAA compliance through password protected rooms, secure SSL encrypted communication in transit, custom Teleconsent agreements, and signed BAA generator.

get passel, easy , no downloads and low bandwidth friendly

Easy, No Downloads, and Low Bandwidth Friendly

100% browser-based responsive design for the broadest compatibility, allowing you to confidently conduct virtual telehealth sessions in minutes and low bandwidth usage so it's possible to use on mobile devices not connected to WiFi.

Our value to behavioral health specialists

There are many videoconferencing apps available, but Passel is the only telehealth platform designed and built with the unique needs of behavioral health professionals in mind. Passel delivers a unique Virtual Behavioral Telehealth solution value as compared with typical teleconferencing utilities.


Built with quality

Built with the video quality, platform security, privacy protection and cutting edge features to support telehealth use by therapists and behavioral health specialists.

Entirely server-based application that requires no download by the organizer or participants, and high definition video quality for all of Passel's plan levels including the Basic free-to-try version.

Not like the others

Other videoconferencing software was created for typical business meetings or personal communications, neither of which contemplated the need for security and privacy.

Passel was built from the ground up to put you and your videoconferencing participants at ease, with HIPAA-compliant security and high definition video quality for all of Passel's plan levels including the Basic free-to-try version.

passel , easy ,secure video conference
passel , easy secure video conferencing

We're industry rated too

Passel is a version of the same technology platform used by Kaden - a virtual telehealth company treating opioid use disorder that allows medical prescribers and therapists to meet with their patients individually or in groups seamlessly, securely and privately.

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