What we offer you

Passel is a secure, privacy-protecting, high-quality videoconferencing solution that makes it the ideal choice for therapists, behavioral health specialists and medical professionals in need of a telehealth solution for their clients and patients.

passel for therapists

How we can help

Passel offers time- and hassle-saving features that make running a virtual practice as easy as possible.

Built for all your patients

Passel was built for one-on-one and group sessions up to 11 participants. This capability allows therapists and providers to grow their panels and start offering group sessions when office size constraints may have prevented this in the past.

Your virtual office space

Passel offers a way for therapists to grow their practices profitability by eliminating one of the costliest expenses - office space. With Passel, providers can still maintain personal connections with their clients with HD-quality video sessions, HIPAA-compliant security, in-app session note taking and the ability to take client payments.

Passel can also integrate labs, scripts, billing, and EHR exports of session notes all within a single platform. This reduces administrative burdens for the therapists so they can focus on what's most important - their patients' treatment.

How it works


Simply go to getpassel.com and log in, or click "Create new account" if you're a new user.

passel for therapists


Once logged in, simply share the link to your room with your attendees.

passel for therapists


Once the attendees click the supplied link, your session begins!