What we offer you

Passel is a secure, privacy-protecting high-quality videoconferencing solution that makes it the tailored choice for providers in need of a telehealth solution for their clients and patients.

passel for providers

How we can help

Passel offers the flexibility, tools and security to meet your telehealth needs

Built to meet your needs today and tomorrow

COVID-19 has made it clear that telehealth solutions are more than an add-on to your practice, but a necessary capability to maintain and grow it.

While other videoconferencing applications will do in a pinch, they are business applications being repurposed to support the unique needs of medical professionals. Passel was built especially to meet those unique needs.

Quality, privacy, and powerful capabilities

Passel offers unrivaled HD video quality to foster personal connections with your patients, convenient in-session notes, all while incorporating HIPAA-compliant privacy and security.

Passel also has all the features providers need that can't be found in other videoconferencing applications. With Passel, providers can integrate labs, scripts, PDMP, billing and EHR exports all within a single platform reducing administrative burdens so providers can focus on what’s most important – their patients’ treatment.

How it works


Simply go to getpassel.com and log in, or click "Create new account" if you're a new user.

passel for providers


Once logged in, simply share the link to your room with your attendees.

passel for therapists


Once the attendees click the supplied link, your session begins!